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Bidding online on Real-Estate & Luxury items India

Set up a complete online sale via a state-of-the-art platform, completely in your own corporate identity.

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Transparent bidding on real estate

Transparent bidding on houses is becoming increasingly popular and that is not surprising, because with transparent bidding you can reach a bigger audience and achieve the right price.

But organizing a transparent bidding process yourself seems complicated and the only alternative is auction platforms where you have to pay a lot for adding a house to an auction. But it should be possible for every company in our opinion.

Through years of experience in the auction market, we have developed the ultimate bidding system that ensures that you can organize your own transparent bidding process at a low rate.

You get

A fully developed software platform that has been providing online auctions for more than 10 years.

Your own bidding system that allows you to extend your reach to online.

An easy-to-use bidding system with no hidden costs.

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We know how to help you

With over 10 years of experience in developing auction software for the real-estate marketi, we know how to help you setting up a transparent online bidding process. With the opportunity to fully integrate your branding and adding multiple bidding systems, you can easily add your own online auction environment to your business.

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Over 10 years of experience

WeAuction, a leading company worldwide in online auctions, is cooperating with JBrown India to introduce online auction software to their members. Both WeAuction and JBrown believe in the flexibility and scalability of auction software and the opportunity it gives the members of JBrown.

The past year the market for online auctions grew exponentially. Due to the pandemic, more industries turned to online auctions to accommodate their buyers and sellers. WeAuction was ready for this growth, because they were developing and selling this software for the past decade. Now they have found an ambitious partner in JBrown who is focussing on acquiring real estate property for their partners.

This cooperation gives JBrown the opportunity to create a more open and transparent environment when it comes to bidding and innovating the real estate market. They only wanted to partner up with internationally recognized software, software that WeAuction offers. A perfect match.

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  • Deposit system
  • No delay video streaming
  • Real-time bidding
  • Easy upload of data
  • Sealed-bid auction system
  • Multiple auction systems
  • API-connection
  • Your own look and feel
  • User management
  • Built according to ISO 27001 standards
  • Ascending, Descending and Mass auctions

Our successes

1.3 billion

We auctioned more then 1.3 billion dollar in high value items


What does a license cost?

The costs for auctioning an object are transparent, no unclear percentages or surcharge for certain types of objects. You pay a one-time € 750 connection fee, so that you get access and explanation about your own environment.

You then get the opportunity to auction 3 objects for free and get used to the system. After these 3 objects you pay € 75 per placement. So you pay this amount per object that you place, regardless of the outcome of the auction. With a higher volume, possible discounts are possible.