Flower auctions online

Set up a complete online auction platform and reach an audience worldwide

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Setup your flower auction quick, easy, and reach a worldwide audience

The flower trade is an age-old profession. People from all over the world have been trading flowers, bulbs, and seeds for years. It is a market that has developed enormously with high-tech innovations in storage, preservation, and allowing the flowers to bloom at the right time. Therefore, it is not surprising that the way people do business in this profession has also changed.

Welcome to the world of online auctions.

You get

A fully developed software platform that has been providing online auctions for more than 10 years.

Your own bidding system that allows you to extend your reach to online.

An easy-to-use bidding system with no hidden costs.

Receive monthly advertising and participate in our (online) marketing communications.

Realtime online bidding via a clock model which is familiar within the industry


We are here to help you

WeAuction is here to support the trade in high-quality floriculture in organising their own auctions. We offer every trader, exporter or grower in this industry the opportunity to organise an online auction. While WeAuction focuses on marketing and the development of the online auction platform.

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Set up your own online auction

WeAuction has over 10 years of experience when it comes to online auctions. The software can handle multiple bid-options. Clock Descending; Hybrid, online, silent auctions, everything. The platform offers functionality to add your own branding and can connect to your existing business applications. WeAuction excels in video streaming without delay and real-time bidding. WeAuction is the reliable partner that you need for your online auctions.


  • Video streaming without delay
  • Real-time bidding
  • Multiple auction systems
  • Deposit system
  • Easy upload of data
  • API-connection
  • User management
  • Your own branding colors

Our successes

1.3 billion

We auctioned more then 1.3 billion dollar in high value items


More than 35 million turnover in 2020

At WeAuction.IO we believe in a transparent pricing model that fits your business case. After the initial setup, you pay a monthly fee and low commission that covers the costs for marketing and the software. Within a few day your own auctions are up and running and you can reach a bigger audience for your product.