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Liquidate excess stock in a new fast and smart way

WeAuction is your B2B resale online auction platform that turns your excess inventory into cash reducing your cost of capital.

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Welcome to WeAuction where you can find better buyers to drive better recovery.

The longer your returned, refurbished or excess inventory sits in your warehouse, the more it costs your company. You might be working with legacy options like jobbers, liquidators, or putting your merchandise back on the shelf. But what if there was a better way?

Online liquidation auctions connecting buyers with sellers of excess, returned, refurbished and liquidation inventory. Whether you are looking for a B2B resale online auction platform that can meet the needs of your enterprise or just need a channel to turn your excess inventory into cash, choose WeAuction.

Why auctioning with WeAuction?

No more spreadsheets, calls and E-mails and no more endless negotiating

Auctioning: 30 % higher recovery rates compared to legacy solutions

Your product is sold only in your preferred channels and geographies

50% timesaving on selling your excess inventory

All features as a SAAS Solution from selling your products to collecting cash

Guaranteed sales to screened buyers

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Meerdere biedsystemen

In uw eigen biedomgeving kunt u gebruik maken van meerdere biedsystemen, zoals bieden per opbod of met gesloten envelop. U kunt het systeem aanpassen aan uw wensen.

Uw eigen biedomgeving

Eenvoudig een transparant biedproces opzetten in uw look en feel is bij Immobieden geen probleem. We hebben de software zo ontwikkeld dat je heel snel je eigen verkoopomgeving live kunt zetten.


  • Private bidding environment
  • Completely in your look and feel
  • All automated from upload to cash
  • Multiple auction systems
  • API-connection with your ERP
  • Controlled buyers audience

Trusted by the biggest and best retailers

2.1 billion

We auctioned more than 2.1 billion dollar in Retail Value

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Pick a plan that works for you and get started today

Everything you need to sell your excess inventory and automate your liquidation program.