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Drive more value, meet demand

We believe auctioning is the most transparent, sustainable and fair price system. No system is so effective in matching supply with demand. Auction marketplaces however, are expensive and lack full brand control and data ownership. So why not auction through your own platform? Welcome to WeAuction.

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What we offer you

Full channel control

Be in full control of your buyers and generated data. Select the target audience you want to sell to, and in what locations.

AI-powered platform

Choose between multiple adjustable and dynamic pricing models. Optional gamification enhances engagement.

Data ownership

Always have full ownership of all your data.

Custom look and feel

An online auction platform branded as your own. Simply add your logo and brand colours.

Real-time bidding

Enhance your live auction with an online auction. Video streaming without delays enables real-time bidding.

Hassle-free software

All features are available as SaaS solution, from selling your products to collecting payments.

Our WeAuction community is thriving

2 billion...

We have over 10 years experience in online auctions


Why WeAuction?

Live video streaming without delays

Multiple API-solutions linked to your business apps

Guaranteed sales to screened buyers

Positive customer experience: winning is buying


Industries already benefiting from our online auctions

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