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Our journey started in 2008 with a research study...

What if live real-estate auctions could be expanded with online bidding facilities? As we’ve found out over the past 15 years, online bidding ensures more transparency when bidding. Auctions no longer take place in shady backrooms and become more accessible to a wider audience. It increases the buyer’s reach and the value of auctioned goods.

Over the years we've expanded our knowledge to other industries. Our long-standing experience and the skills of our top-notch developers have resulted in WeAuction. The best auction software on the market.


Over the past 15 years we've helped many businesses and industries tap into the power of online auctions. From implementing software to designing future-proof auction strategies.

Letter from our CEO

‘The first hall auction I attended was a real-estate foreclosure auction in the Netherlands, in 2006. When I entered the hall, I was surprised by the small number of bidders present. Even though the offered properties of consisted of highly sought after homes. I assumed the selling price of the properties would be negatively affected by the limited demand, as outside options for bidding were not available.

I was curious to find out if the selling prices of real estate sold in the auction room were in line with those on the traditional real estate market. As my research showed, selling prices of auctioned real estate were no less than 37% below those on the social housing market! A shocking result showing the auction system needed more transparency. Better prices could be achieved if the demand (i.e. the number of bidders) during an auction increased, and I became committed to finding a solution. That very same year, I started my company and set to developing an online auction solution which could easily be integrated with existing hall auctions.’

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Paul Rijk, CEO of WeAuction
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WeAuction is market leader in organising internet auctions on the Dutch real estate market. We've organised more than 1120 auction events with more than 11,000 items sold and generated a turnover of more than € 1.3 billion. Over time we've welcomed new industries to our community, such as excess inventory, luxury, livestock and equestrian. Together with our partners FarmersBid and ClipMyHorse.TV we run hundreds of online livestock and horse auctions every year.