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Everything has value. Find better buyers and turn your excess inventory into cash through our B2B auction platform.

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A win-win for your business and the economy

Online auctioning is one of the most profitable and sustainable ways of dealing with excess inventory. WeAuction’s B2B auction platform helps you find better buyers, reduce waste and maximise your return on excess, returned, refurbished, or liquidated merchandise. Implement our software to run public and private auctions on your own website, or simply use our resale channel.

What WeAuction offers you

No spreadsheets, and no more endless calling, e-mailing and negotiating.

Optional private auction: products are sold in preferred channels and locations.

Auctioning increases recovery rates by up to 30% compared to legacy solutions.

The time of selling excess inventory is reduced by 50%.

SaaS-enabled features, from selling your products to collecting payments.

Guaranteed sales to screened buyers.

liquidation process automation

Move your inventory quickly and easily

In the land of retail inventory, time is money. The longer surplus stock sits in your warehouse, the higher the costs. Move your inventory more quickly by automating the liquidation process. Through our easy-to-use platform you can auction off your excess inventory in just two weeks.

B2B marketplace software

Improve your recovery rates up to 30%

WeAuction is the world’s largest private B2B marketplace for returned and excess inventory and truckload liquidation, connecting leading retailers and manufacturers to vetted business buyers from all over the globe. Our partners achieve the highest possible recovery rates for secondary-market merchandise across all categories, conditions, geographies, and quantities.

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  • Multiple bidding systems
  • Private bidding environment
  • Controlled buyers audience
  • All-automated, from upload to collecting payments
  • API-connection with your ERP
  • Customised look and feel

You're in great company

2.1 billion

We've auctioned more than 2.1 billion dollar (GMV)

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Everything you need to sell your excess inventory and automate your liquidation program.


Save 10% by paying annually


Comprehensive auctioning software for larger companies

/ month

Your private bidding environment

Multiple auction systems available

Unlimited lot slots available

Mail service for your buyers

Standard look and feel

Own domain

User management

API connection with your ERP

No setup fee

Minimum contract duration of 3 months


Fully managed service for large organizations that require custom marketplaces

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All 'Business +' features

Look and feel fully customized and integrated with your website and your ERP system