Circular entrepreneurship mainly requires doing

05. 01. 2021
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Although the circular economy is on the rise and many organizations are already contributing to this, there is still much to be done in the technology sector.

Please read the following article: Link Magazine 18 March 2020

A recent UN report * states that access to electronics and digital technology has increased enormously due to the speed of innovation and decreasing cost prices. Not only has this boosted our global economy, it has also accelerated organizations' acquisition of new high-tech equipment and the creation of massive amounts of electronic waste. It is therefore important that companies inventory their inventory of equipment and see how they can improve circular initiatives. In addition, initiatives will have to be taken by (semi-) government institutions, so that organizations are encouraged to use equipment more sensibly.

Set requirements and cooperate

Organizations can make circular initiatives successful by setting requirements for the equipment they purchase or by prioritizing suppliers with circular ideas. Government and sector organizations can stimulate the circular economy by working together more. Consider, for example, setting up a (virtual) expertise center within which parties can share and bundle knowledge and circular efforts. Such an environment gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to experiment with circular innovations.

Online auctioning

Another possibility to promote circularity is an online auction. Sometimes the idea is alive that devices no longer have any value because they are "obsolete" or "redundant". However, this does not have to be the case: what has no value for one party is still of value to the other party. Online auctioning ensures that equipment is reused. High-tech equipment from the Netherlands is often particularly suitable for this, because it is technically at the forefront and is usually well maintained. Moreover, it fits perfectly with circular entrepreneurship because it gives equipment a second life.

Rent equipment

In addition, many electronic devices are not used or are used inefficiently. If companies want to do circular business, they would be wise to rent electronics when necessary. This ensures that fewer products need to be produced and fewer raw materials are lost.

In short, there are many opportunities to do business in a circular manner and to discover many new circular initiatives. Organizations often have a tendency to orient themselves for a long time and to set out strategies. This is of course very important, but it is especially important not to lose sight of the goal. A successful circular initiative can only come about through cooperation, a different way of thinking and above all by experimentation. Therefore, learn from failures and successes, because strategies and ideas can only be successful by getting started!

Paul Rijk is an entrepreneur with more than fifteen years of experience in setting up online auction concepts. He founded the start-up WeAuction three years ago. WeAuction is an auction platform that allows B2B parties to sell their high-tech equipment completely independently and while retaining valuable customer data.

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