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WeAuction starts an exclusive collaboration with JBrown India

18. 11. 2021
We Auction
WeAuction, a leading online auction company providing innovative auction software solutions Internationally starts an exclusive collaboration with JBrown, a premier London property and Luxury consultancy company. With this collaboration JBrown is going to introduce 'invite only' luxury property & Luxury products through online auctions to their Indian clientele and elite members.

WeAuction and JBrown strongly believe in the flexibility and scalability of the online auction Industry in India and the opportunity it brings to Indian customers. In the past year the market for online auctions grew exponentially. Due to the pandemic, more industries turned to online auctions to accommodate their buyers and sellers. WeAuction was ready for this growth as they have pioneered in developing and selling auction software internationally for the past decade. Now they have found an ambitious partner in the Indian market who is venturing into 'invite only elite Club by JBrown' and dedicated to expanding into online auction opportunities for their clients in Luxury real estate and Luxury inventory such as art work, jewellery, private jets and yachts in India and London.

This cooperation gives JBrown, which was originally founded in London by enthusiastic entrepreneur James Sunny Brown in 2016, the opportunity to create a more open and transparent environment when it comes to bidding. And innovate the real estate and luxury market in India by introducing online auctions.

Kiran Addala, Head of JBrown India states ‘I have been searching for innovative and sophisticated online auction software to help our clientele who would love to trade luxury properties and luxury items in the comfort of their home. We want to offer our clients the best experience when it comes to timing, bidding, purchasing and offering products, including privacy for the users. I am very much convinced WeAuction is the right partner for us, we share the same beliefs and the WeAuction team is great to work with’.